Answers to all your questions

“Likes”, which are also known as Followers, are people who take enough interest in your business to subscribe and receive your updates in their newsfeed. Every time you post on a page a certain percentage of followers will see your post. How does this benefit your business? The more followers you have, the more people will see you posts, which will in turn lead to more conversions.The more Followers, the more people will see your post and the more likely you are to get conversions.

When someone leaves a comment, likes a post, clicks on your content or shares it with a friend, this is counted as an engagement. How does this benefit your business? When your target audience engages with your content, it typically means they are interested in what you have to offer. So, the more engagement, the better the conversions. The more engagement you have, the more people are interested in your brand and what you have to offer, so the more conversions you will get.

“Reach” or simply put, a view, is counted when someone views your content on any of the social platforms. How does reach benefit your business? The more Reach you have, the more people are seeing your content!

Think of a check-in as a successful conversion from your social presence. Every time you get a check-in, multiply that by the average ticket cost of a customer, and you’ll have tangible ROI. Consumers will actually take the time to check-in to your physical location for a few reasons such as:

To show their friends where they have been.
To tag friends they are with.
Act as a history of places they have been.
And to help your business.

Fun Fact: Pages that have active content and engage with their users, have a much higher check-in rate than pages that don’t. On average 40% of customers check-in. This means that even though Facebook may tell you that you have 40 check-in’s for the week, there could be 60 additional customers that were there, but never checked in.

There are a few ways we do this. Through constant content curation, more people will notice, follow and engage with your brand. This often leads to followers sending private messages to your business page with a request for your services.

Ads are also a powerful tool. Facebook ads allow us to send people to your website, so that they can complete a lead form. There is even a campaign type that allows us to collect user information with a form right on Facebook. With a combination of all three of these techniques, we can get the leads flowing and your revenue increasing.

We always schedule our posts to go out a week in advance. That means every week we are always working on next week’s content. If you have a last minute edit, let us know as soon as possible so we can interrupt the posting schedule and post it. Note: if the request is made sooner than 7 days, it may impact the social media strategy.

This could be for many reasons. The biggest reason is that Facebook likes to show you an example of what your ad would look like if you started it. It isn’t actually live, it is just a preview. Another is that you fall into a specific target we have chosen for the ad. For example, if we are targeting people in the Rhode Island area and you live there, you will most likely see the ad. Usually, we make it so our targeting doesn’t include you. But hey, sometimes it’s nice to see your brand out there on social!

All of our Facebook posts can be seen in the Publishing Tools section on Facebook. Simply log into Facebook, go to your business’s page, click on Publishing Tools and then click on Scheduled Posts. Please note that we have all of our posts completed and scheduled for next week, by Friday at noon.

All photos we use are either provided by you the client, or through searches we do online! The more quality photos you provide, the more cohesive your brand looks on social media. So, if you don’t have any photos you’d like us to use, ask us about our exclusive photography packages for BusySeed clients!

Well it depends on your type of business. If you are a startup that is always on the move, changes every other month are reasonable. If you are a 20-year old bakery that is loved in the community, you’d want to keep the working business goals for as long as possible. We do not recommend changing business goals and focus too frequently. If you do, the strategies we come up with and the research we do becomes essentially useless, costing you time that could have been invested in a working social media strategy.

On average, we show the best results in three months. Now, with that said, we have seen results in the first week of research. This question really depends on your industry and ticket price. For example, if you sell something for $10, you will most likely have a quicker ROI (return on investment) compared to a client that sells million dollar properties.

This depends on factors such as price-point, industry, business age, location, personal-pride (we all have it) and investment. For example, if a company is investing $100 in Facebook ads, they won’t grow as much, or as fast as someone investing $1,000.

The more assets you can provide us the better. Below are a few key items that will lead to a faster start:

Logins to the different social platforms
Website URL

All data is absolutely secure behind the industries best encryption (our President is a total geek).

All photos we use are either provided by you the client, or through searches we do online! The more quality photos you provide, the more cohesive your brand looks on social media. So, if you don’t have any photos you’d like us to use, ask us about our exclusive photography packages for BusySeed clients!

Nope, no and absolutely not. Unlike most marketing/ad companies, we do things in-house because we understand your brand, your goals and we don’t trust others with that information. If there are other services you need done that we can’t do, we will put you in touch with some of our partner companies that we wholeheartedly trust to get the job done.

All photos we use are either provided by you the client, or through searches we do online! The more quality photos you provide, the more cohesive your brand looks on social media. So, if you don’t have any photos you’d like us to use, ask us about our exclusive photography packages for BusySeed clients!

Bots are those useful, behind-the-scenes tools that a lot of big tech companies use to make data more accessible. For example, Google has a bot for indexing content on websites to figure out search engine rankings. In the same sense, we use bots to help automate data acquisition and help us understand the crazy amounts of information on the web.

One way we use bots is to understand consumer reviews and the sentiment in them. This allows us to give our clients a snapshot of what is going on behind the scenes, without them going through all the reviews themselves. We also use bots to keep us instantly alerted when there are new reviews or new leads. This is something that no other content marketing company does… just saying.

You betcha it does! Since Google loves content and backlinks, posting platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are all great for increase brand ranking on Google. While Google doesn’t index all of the content these social platforms have, being in more places looks great for Google.

Here is how you should look at it: posts are mostly organic efforts at marketing your business and increasing brand awareness. A Boosted post, is the previously mentioned post, except with some ad money behind it. This allows it to reach people who have never heard of your page but is mostly done for engagement and brand awareness. While a Boosted post is technically an ad, there are many different ad types such as local awareness, lead generation, website click, website conversion, app install and follower ad campaigns.

We help pick the best one’s for your business and handle it all for you.

Why? Because you need to grow your business! Think about it this way: if you post to your page 10 times a day, every single day, the only people who are going to see it are your followers and potentially some friends of your followers. If you post once a day but also create ads that run throughout the week, you are not only hitting your followers, but you are also hitting people that have never heard of you, all thanks to ads.

With ads, we select demographics that will most likely convert for you (sale, lead, phone call, whatever you measure). At times we’ve brought in 10,000 people with just a $5 ad. We’ve had a few lead generation campaigns for million dollar homes, that cost us $12 per lead. The possibilities with BusySeed are endless.

Google Adwords can be a very powerful platform for getting clicks to your website. The problem however is, if you have anything under a $500 Adwords budget, don’t expect much. With Facebook, the call-to-actions (lead submission, map click, phone click, etc.) are much more cost-effective. Also with Facebook for business, you have access to much more data (since 1.2 billion people use Facebook daily and they work with other companies to obtain data) and have the option of picking from a vast number of campaigns.

Well, less people are picking up newspapers, more people are moving away from TV ads. The convenience of smart mobile technology has changed the way people look for services.

With local social media, every single metric is measured. Views, clicks, check-ins, engagement, ad-recalls (how well someone will retain the brand’s image) and so much more. The goal is to say “I’ve put in $1,000 in social media and I’ve received a 500% return”. Really only done with social media.

Think of Google and other search engines as giant content vacuums. They want to be able to index content from all over the world so that they can show users content that the user wants to see. Most websites are very stale, with the same text and images on it for years. Google and other search engines see this and give them a low search rank because there is nothing new to show.

When you have constant blog posts, you are now giving Google what it wants: content! And the more you give it strategic keywords, the more it ranks you for those words. Want to rank for “Best pizza in Providence, RI”? Well, you better be posting constantly on your blog and using those keywords.

Oh, they can. Just like you can have your accountant make upscale tapa entrees, or have your restaurant manager spend half of their day doing marketing analytics, it is probably going to be a bad idea. Unless they have spent years in digital marketing/advertising, have all of their focus on the digital marketing space and can understand how to utilize hundreds of online metrics in order to best guide the growth of your company, they are going to waste their time and your time (and money). Even hiring a social media freelancer is much more expensive than having our team of local social media experts. This is literally all we do so it is probably a good idea to have BusySeed as a part of your team.

You contact us and we can tell you anything you need to know. If you want to do some looking yourself, almost every social platform has a dashboard where you can review stats. Though seriously, just ask us because we can help simplify the plethora of information these platforms try to push onto you.

It is a simple calculation: desired metric / ad spent = cost per metric (action). Think of it this way, if we make a leads generation ad for $100 and you get 50 leads off of it, it will have cost you $2 per lead.

We always look at what your goals are and focus our ad efforts on getting you closer towards that goal. Website sales, new leads, more followers, each metric is measurable and we do our best to keep cost down and metrics increasing.

Yes and no. No one can delete reviews on a whim, and if they say so, they are lying. We do however closely follow and understand the Terms of Use for these different review sites so when there is a review that is inaccurate, we work with the social platform to get it removed.

Many times we use researched techniques to directly reach out to the customer to remove the reviews. Sometimes a well-calculated conversation can change a 1-star review into a 5-star.