Success Stories
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We always tailor our services to our clients’ needs and goals. Every industry is different so we help pick the social platforms that will most benefit your business. Below are some of our success stories from clients in different industries. 

How we’ve increased physical sales

A Danish beverage company launched in Brazil with an aggressive online campaign to raise brand awareness and ramp up sales quickly.

BusySeed developed a solid social media strategy that quickly achieved strong results with ~30K new followers and a phenomenal 30% sales growth in under 3 months.

How we’ve increased in-store visits

Since working with BusySeed a local Rhode Island restaurant received over 834 leads from Yelp marketing. Yelp has become an important determinant of restaurant demand. There is a direct relationship between Yelp Rating and revenue.

How we’ve increased online sales

An eCommerce came to us looking for increasing their revenue through eCommerce sales. With BusySeed they increased sales by 10% in the first month and are still growing.

How we’ve increased brand awareness

A local Massachusett’s farm needed to raise awareness about rare/endangered while growing their farm. With one post alone we were able to get ~8.5 million people to pay attention to their cause, Increase their following by 7,000+ within a week, and increased their event attendees by 527% over the last year.

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